Best Leopard Gecko Starter Kit: 2020’s Best Picks

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To be able to keep a leopard gecko at home, you need to have the perfect environment for it to live in. This environment must be as close as possible to the gecko’s natural habitat for it to have a healthy and happy life.

Reptilian pet owners need to take extra care of their little pets, and you need the right habitat to help you do just that. In this review, we will take a closer look at some habitats and add-ons that are available for gecko owners.

If you want to know more about these reptile habitat tanks and accessories, keep on reading and find out.

Best Leopard Gecko Starter Kit Reviews

Exo Terra Glass Natural Terrarium Kit

Best Leopard Gecko Starter Kit: 2020's Best Picks 1

This is a nice sturdy place for your leopard gecko to be safe and at home without too many interruptions. It comes with a wide range of extra features included to make a life for your pet much easier and stress-free.


The front window ventilation makes it quite a safe habitat for your leopard gecko and any other types of reptile. It also provides easy and quick access to the inside of the case for much better environment control and feeding management.

This is also a very safe habitat for reptiles where there are not many holes inside the cage where their feet might get stuck. This will prevent unnecessary injuries to your leopard gecko so they can have a long, happy life.

It is also made from high-quality materials that will not easily scratch to prevent a clear view after some years of use. Also, this cage is designed in such a way that your reptiles will not be able to escape from it any time at all.

With the raised bottom frame of this cage, you will be able to add a substrate heating system to keep it at the right temperature. The whole case is also designed to be waterproof, so it will not allow any extra humidity to penetrate to the inside of the cage, keeping it dry.

It also comes with quite a large interior space to allow for more than one leopard gecko to live in it. The cage is also not too high, which makes it perfect for leopard geckos who do not really climb up high.

The one thing that might not be a good feature is the glass materials. That is because while glass might be durable,  it is also quite heavy, which might be a problem for smaller pet owners.

It might also be potentially dangerous if the glass cracks, which won’t be safe for the reptile inside the cage.


  • Made with a sturdy design
  • Comes with many extra features included
  • It is relatively easy to keep this case clean
  • This kit is very easy to assemble


  • The whole case is made from glass
  • It might be a bit heavy

Natural Terrarium Waterfall Kit From Zoo Med

Best Leopard Gecko Starter Kit: 2020's Best Picks 2

A nice and natural addition to your leopard gecko’s habitat is this waterfall kit to improve your pet’s life experience. This is also a great way to learn all you can about your gecko’s natural ways and habits for great pet relations.


Everything you need to set this kit up in your leopard gecko habitat is included in the package you receive. So when you start installing it inside the cage, you can finish the job in one session without wasting time running around to get parts.

The waterfall feature will be a nice natural addition to the cage for a much better life for your gecko. It will also provide year-round fun for the animal to enjoy life to the fullest and have a pleasant environment to live in.

It will also help maintain the humidity level inside your gecko’s living space so it can have a healthy environment. You can also add some real plants in the habitat with the waterfall to feed the plants instead of just having plastic plants.

This kit is easy to use after you are done installing it and setting it up inside the cage. The pump also runs very quietly, so there will be no disturbance in the natural habitat of your leopard gecko.

To improve your pet gecko’s overall environment, this is the ideal way to go and learn more about your pet in the process. This kit will help improve your pet’s habitat and make the habitat look good in every environment.

However, it is not that good for the reptiles out there that need a much drier environment, so you can only use it with a gecko. This might not be good for those who love to have more than one pet in their cage.

The kit is also quite challenging to install, so you may need someone with some technical experience to help you set it up.


  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Comes with great features
  • Ideal for the leopard gecko environment
  • The pump runs very quitely all the time


  • Not suitable for dryer habitat pets
  • It is a bit difficult to install inside the cage

Excavator Cavern Kit From Zoo Med

Best Leopard Gecko Starter Kit: 2020's Best Picks 3

This kit will improve your leopard gecko’s life quite drastically while providing a great atmosphere to the habitat. This is quite a nice thing to give to your pet to provide a better life for them while having tons of fun.


This kit is excellent for those reptiles who love to burrow and live underground. Your pet will have far more fun and will feel at home if you add this to your gecko’s natural environment.

With this clay substrate, you can easily create a better home for your reptilian pet and give them a fuller life. You also have an instructional booklet included to help you be more creative when designing the dwelling for your pet.

Everything you need to finish the project and have the kit fully installed in the tank is included with the package. So you can have it done without interruption in just one session without wasting too much of your time.

You have a total of 12 pounds of the substrate and a special mixing bag included with the kit to make it even easier for you. There is also a small shuffle and 4 balloons, the balloon kit, and up to 7 inches of tubing for the tunnels.

With this kit, you can have lots of fun creating a new habitat for your leopard gecko to stay in. Overall it is quite a cute way to help improve your pet’s life while you are part of the process.

Unfortunately, it is not really suitable for larger tanks. You will have to add more clay, which will add money to the project, which might be a problem for those on a tight budget.

This type of kit inside the habitat will take some effort to keep clean, and you need extra time to do that.


  • Made to last for a long time
  • It is quite easy to install in the tank
  • Will provide some distraction for your pet
  • A great method of bonding with your pet


  • Not really suitable for larger tanks
  • Takes a lot of effort to keep it neat

Leopard Gecko Starter Kit From Exo Terra

Best Leopard Gecko Starter Kit: 2020's Best Picks 4

This complete kit is just what your pet gecko needs to make life so much more fun for it. The kit may cost some extra money right from the startup, but it means you have everything your reptilian pet will need for its new home and happy life.


This is the ideal starter kit for your new juvenile leopard gecko. Everything you need to get started is included with the package and more than you need for a healthy beginner kit.

Also included with this set are day-night lights to alternate between the day and night for a great habitat. You also have a thermometer included so you can easily keep track of the temperature and adjust accordingly.

The whole tank is made from high-quality materials to help it last for a very long time, even if you have a new generation of geckos. Even the food supplements are included to keep your leopard and other gecko species healthy and happy.

With the included heating mat, you can easily create a nice habitat for your gecko to make the animal’s simple life better. With the kit, you can have a cold and dark area as well as a warm and lighted area for your gecko.

Overall, the kit is ideal for those who have just started out with a new reptilian pet to keep it healthy and happy in the environment. This will also be a great way to learn all you can about these very interesting reptilian species and how they survive.

This tank is a bit small when it comes to raising a gecko to full adulthood and to add all the parts of the kit. You will need to go for a much larger tank when your leopard gecko gets to an older age to accommodate it adequately.

This kit’s lack of instructions may also cause some difficulty when you start to assemble it for use.


  • Comes with great features
  • It is made from high-quality materials
  • This kit is very easy to use
  • It is ideal for a juvenile gecko


  • The tank is a bit on the small side
  • Lack of instructions may cause difficulty

Day And Night Desert Lighting Kit From Zoo Med

Best Leopard Gecko Starter Kit: 2020's Best Picks 5

This will help to add to the light your leopard gecko is exposed to, to add some extra heat to the environment. If you place these lights right, you might not need to have a heating pad for that extra bit of heat in one corner.


This light’s dome is made from polished aluminum to help increase the output of the bulbs by up to 30 percent. The material it is made of will help to improve the longevity of the lamp kit to last for quite some time.

It is equipped with dual ceramic sockets to hold two bulbs of up to 100 watts without melting or overheating. This feature will also help to make the sockets and the bulbs last longer without generating excess heat.

While the lamp kit’s design is such that it will not overheat, it still generates enough heat for your gecko. This means with these lights in the corner of the tank, your pet will have some extra warmth to help control its body temperature.

The deep design of the aluminum dome will help keep the bulbs from extruding outside the dome’s parameter. This will help keep the gecko safe from getting too close to the bulbs and accidentally burning.

Included with the kit is a white light to serve as a basking spotlight at up to 75 watts. Also included is a nocturnal infrared heat lamp that also produces up to 75 watts for the night environment.

Unfortunately, these bulbs may not have a very long life of illumination, so you need to replace them often. This means the overall maintenance cost of the gecko habitat may just soar quite a bit.

It might cause some discomfort to the gecko if it gets too close to the lamp, so care of placement is also essential.


  • The radiant lights will provide enough light
  • Two bulbs are included in the package
  • Great to add some heat to the tank
  • The cover extrudes far to protect your gecko


  • The light bulbs may have a very short life
  • The light might cause the gecko some discomfort when too close to it


This review’s winner is the relatively large Exo Terra glass natural terrarium kit with great features included. It also comes with everything you need to provide a healthy environment for your leopard gecko.

Next in the lineup is the Exo Terra leopard gecko starter kit with all the extras included. It might be a bit small, but it is ideal for a juvenile leopard gecko.