Leopard Geckos Diet – Explanations behind Their Lost Appetite

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Leopard Geckos Diet – Explanations behind Their Lost Appetite

Leopard Gecko is those Reptiles which can reduce their eating for a collection of reasons. All over this is a direct result of something we’ve done or empowered them in advance and distinctive events this is an immediate aftereffect of affliction.

If your Leopard gecko has out of the blue stopped eating anyway is up ’til now unique there are things you can do at home before reaching out to an animal clinic or a Vet.

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For what Reasons Do Leopard Geckos Quit Eating?

Leopard geckos can lose their pangs of hunger for an assortment of reasons. Most can be settled with proper consideration or and the right care. A few, in any case, are harder to deal with. Reasons which can affect leopard geckos diet:-

Chilly Condition

The main motivation behind why panther geckos quit eating is that they are excessively cool.

Maybe your warmth globule wore out, the warmth tangle quit working, maybe there’s a draft going into the pen, or possibly you never had a warmth hotpots for your panther gecko and now it’s simply gotten excessively cool.

The difference in seasons from a tumble to winter frequently brings a lot of anorexic geckos into the creature center however as a general rule, a straightforward fix to their ecological temperature will make them begin eating once more. This can improve the leopard geckos diet.

In the event that your Leopard gecko’s metabolic rate is diminished because of temperatures dipping under 70 degrees Fahrenheit then it will no doubt quit eating.

Supplemental warmth is fundamental in the event that you don’t keep the room where your gecko is situated around 80 degrees Fahrenheit and relatively few individuals keep their homes this warm.

What to do?

  • Use a heat map inside the cage to keep the base warm
  • Use a light bulb to keep the surroundings warm as well.

>This can make a difference in leopard geckos diet.

Vision Issues

Retained skin on the eyes can block your gecko’s ability to see its food, especially if it’s trying to catch a cricket. This usually happens due to a lack of humidity in the cage.

Other eye problems include corneal ulcers and retro bulbar abscesses that would cause your gecko to stop eating and will make a difference in leopard geckos diet.

What to do?

  • visit your exotics vet for help immediately.


On the off chance that your panther gecko has an injury or is in torment due to damage, it might quit eating.

Types of injuries:

  • Abscesses
  • eye wounds
  • tail and toe issues

These types of injuries can harm your leopard geckos diet.

If you by chance realize your gecko has damage be readied that it might not have any desire to eat until the point when its agony is controlled, and it is feeling much improved.



It could have respiratory contamination that has made them quit eating. Respiratory contaminations are the most widely recognized medicinal explanations behind reptiles not having any desire to eat. On the off chance that your panther gecko is debilitated in some other way, there might be an alternate explanation behind their in penitence.
On the off chance that you speculate a disease is an explanation behind your gecko to not be eating?

What to do?

  •  visit your exotics vet for help immediately.

Affected Excrement

If your Leopard gecko hasn’t pooed as of late it might be affected with the fecal issue. This fecal impaction could be because of an ongoing huge or hard dinner your Leopard gecko ate, for example,

Your Gecko ate something from the floor, any random material or some super worms.

Urate fittings can likewise cause a blockage of the fecal issue. In the event that your gecko is having these issues, have a go at absorbing it a warm water shower two times every day.

The water should be adequately significant to cover your gecko’s hips. While your gecko is submerged you should carefully back rub its belly.

What to do if this doesn’t work?

  • visit your exotics vet for help immediately. Rest will be taken care of by him.

Instructions to Prevent Lack of Appetite in Leopard Geckos

While it’s impractical to totally anticipate the loss of hunger, these measures can HELP.

  • Make certain your pet’s walled in the area is warm and free of things that could be unintentionally ingested.
  • Maintain a strategic distance from nourishments like super worms that can possibly cause stomach related problems.
  • Handle your gecko cautiously to evade damage.
  • On the off chance that you see signs that your panther gecko isn’t well, convey it to the vet prior instead of later.

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